SS09:Evolutionary Computation and Application (ISICA 2019 Special Session)

Evolutionary computation (EC) techniques, including genetic algorithm, evolution strategies, genetic programming, particle swarm optimization, ant colony optimization, differential evolution, and memetic algorithms, have shown to be effective for search and optimization problems.Recently, EC gained several promising results and becomes an important tool in computational creativity, such as in Interactive EC (IEC), EC for human-related applications, EC-based visual/auditory/haptic design, EC for analyzing human characteristics and others, is an approach whereby such properties as human knowledge, experience, and preference are embedded into an optimization/design process and application tasks. 

The aim of this special session is to reflect the most recent advances of EC with the goal to enhance autonomous creative systems as well as human creativity. This session will allow researchers to share experiences and present their new ways for taking advantage of EC techniques in computational creativity.


Potential authors for this Special Session should present original research and innovative results including (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Theoretical aspects of EC algorithms
  • Real-world applications of EC algorithms
  • Test and benchmark problem construction for EC algorithms
  • EC-based visual/auditory/haptic design
  • Human centering computing with EC
  • Applications of EC with human factor techniques


Hui Wang
University of Calgary, Cananda,