Topics of Interest

The upcoming ISICA2017 proceedings covers, but not limited to the following topics:

  1. Evolutionary computation
  2. Particle swarm optimization
  3. Evolutionary fuzzy systems
  4. Evolutionary neural networks
  5. Evolutionary games and multi-agent systems
  6. Evolutionary Robotics
  7. Artificial life and Artificial ecology
  8. Granular Computing
  9. Neural networks and learning systems
  10. Neural network applications
  11. Computation Security
  12. Neurodynamics and neuroengineering
  13. Machine learning and pattern recognition
  14. Collective intelligence and hybrid systems
  15. Data mining and machine vision
  16. Deep learning
  17. Fuzzy systems
  18. Fuzzy control and robotics
  19. Fuzzy logic applications
  20. Fuzzy image, speech and signal processing
  21. Knowledge discovery, learning, and reasoning