Topics of Interest

The upcoming HPCA2019 proceedings covers, but not limited to the following topics:

1. Numerical Algorithms and Solutions
      Numerical ODEs, PDEs, integral equations, linear algebra
      Finite difference, volume, and element methods
      Boundary element methods, multiscale methods, Monte Carlo methods
      Treatment of uncertainty
2. Parallel Computing
      Parallel solvers
      Multigrid and multilevel methods
      Domain decomposition methods
      Parallel computing strategies
3. Grid Computing
      High performance grid computing
      Peer to Peer computing
      Pervasive/mobile computing
      Grid computing architectures and platforms
      Toolkits, development environments, protocols,and languages
      Performance evaluation models and tools
      QoS models and tools
4. Applications
      Scientific computing for physical problems
      Computational fluid dynamics
      Mathematical modeling
      Numerical simulation
      Computer visualization
      Engineering and Industrial applications
      Computational grid applications
      Bio-medical information grid
      Manufacturing grid, etc.